Using WooCommerce

When selling your software products through WooCommerce you are dealing with subscriptions, tax and customers on your own.

Buying process

  • Your customer buys your software product in your WordPress WooCommerce shop
  • WooCommerce fires a webhook which informs ninkik that a new sale has happened
  • ninkik creates a new subscription for your customer
  • After a payment has happened, your WordPress theme uses either ninkik's REST API to query the available downloads or you are redirecting the customer to ninkik.

Creating products

Create your software products in WooCommerce as you have always done. After you have connected ninkik to your WooCommerce shop, select all products in your WooCommerce shop and how they are mapped to ninkik products.

Cancelling a WooCommerce subscription

If you are using WooCommerce Subscriptions, a webhook will inform ninkik if a subscription gets cancelled.