Downloading software

From a customer's perspective, ninkik can be more or less involved. It depends upon the e-commerce platform you are using:

  1. Your e-commerce platform uses ninkik's API to retrieve all allowed products their releases of a customer. When the customer clicks a link, the e-commerce platform asks ninkik to create an access link and will show it to the customer. This method should be preferred if you want a one-face-to-the-customer solution.

  2. Your e-commerce platform redirects to ninkik after a sale has been made. This happens for the Gumroad platform. ninkik handles the listing of all product and their releases. You probably want to use this if you need a low-cost integration into your platform.

  3. As soon as your customer has purchased a product, she gets a ninkik account created. This allows her to manage to get notifications for new versions and so on.

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