Using AWS S3

Depending upon your purchased plan you can configure in which AWS S3 bucket artifacts are stored.

  • You can use ninkik's shared bucket, to store your artifacts besides all of our other managed artifacts. The access to dedicated files is granted on a per-object basis.
  • If you have already set up your own AWS account, you can create your own S3 bucket and link it to ninkik.

Having your own S3 bucket

Having your own S3 bucket configured allows you to do faster uploads as you directly write to the S3 bucket from your CI/CD process.

Setting up

Configure IAM user and policy


Add a connection

  • Naviate to Connections > Storage Provider and select Configure my AWS S3 bucket.
  • Enter the access key and secret access key for the previously created IAM user
  • After pushing the Save button, we will validate the settings of your bucket


Having your own S3 bucket allows you to upload files directly into the bucket without doing a multi-part POST on our ends. In many cases this is much faster. In your CI/CD process make sure that copy the file into anywhere into your S3 bucket. During your API request to ninkik, specify the location attribute:

# HTTP POST /api/{productUuid}/{release}/upload
# HTTP POST /api/upload
    # ...
    'location': 's3:///${path_to_file_in_bucket}'

If the file exists under the specified key inside the bucket, it will be automatically copied by ninkik into the corresponding subdirectory. The original file will be removed as soon as the copying has finished.

Migrating to your own AWS S3 bucket



We are doing daily checks to ensure that your S3 bucket is accessible and has no open access permissions. If the check fails, we'll inform you by email.