Welcome, software developer!

ninkik liftens the burden to release new versions of your downloadable artifacts like ZIP files, installable packages or docker images.


ninkik is for software developers, indie hackers and release managers. You can upload your artifacts into ninkik and give your customers dedicated access to new releases.

ninkik's mission is to give you the power to easily distribute and sell your artifacts faster by connecting new technologies and processes with existing platforms.


  • Connect your Continuous Integration pipeline (e.g. Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab) with Gumroad or WooCommerce to release new software products faster. No more manual uploads of new versions.
  • Sell subscriptions of Docker images through Gumroad or WooCommerce.
  • Handle the access of customer subscriptions to old and new releases of your software products.
  • Provide access to internally developed software products in your company group.