Using Gumroad

With your Gumroad account you can handle different products and subscriptions for your products. Selling your own software products on Gumroad is very easy, but releasing new vresions is not. Gumroad is made for creators and not for software developers in particularly.

Buying process

  • Your customer buys your software product on Gumroad
  • Gumroad informs the ninkik that a new sale has happened
  • ninkik creates a new subscription for your customer
  • Gumroad redirects to ninkik where your customer can download the software
  • Gumroad also sends an e-mail to the customer which contains the link to ninkik's URL, so she can download it at a later point in time.

Creating products

  • In Gumroad, you create all the buyable product definitions you want to sell. There is no need to upload any files, as all files are handled in ninkik.
  • After you have create the product definitions in Gumroad, you can assign your ninkik products to one or more Gumroad products. This gives you the flexibilty to create a Gumroad product like "My software collection" and let it contains all your software products or artifacts in ninkik.

Cancelling a Gumroad subscription

Gumroad customers can cancel a subscription at any time. As soon as this happens, Gumroads sends a notification to ninkik. Depending on your product configuration, the customer loses access complete access to the software or only to new versions. TODO LINK