Assign products of your marketplace

The products in your Gumroad or WooCommerce shops are only buyable "containers". They do not contain the downloadable artifacts a customer can access. All downloadable artifacts are managed by the ninkik only.

As soon as you have connected your Gumroad access or WooCommerce shop to the ninkik, you can assign one or more of those products to a ninkik product.

Assign a marketplace product

In ninkik navigate to Marketplace > Assign products. You'll find an overview of all connected products.

Click on the button Link new product.

Option Description
Marketplace Select a marketplace you have already connected
Marketplace product You get a list of all products you have available in the selected marketplace
ninkik product The list contains all ninkik products which have not already been assigned to the previous selected Marketplace product
Include subproducts If you check this box and the selected ninkik product has sub products, the customer buying the product in Gumroad or WooCommerce has automatically access to all sub products
Default access policy Select to which releases the customer has access to

For Gumroad products

After you have created the new link, you'll see an URL named Redirect URL. In Gumroad, navigate to Products > Content and click on Redirect to URL after purchase. Copy the Redirect URL in there. As soon as your customer buys this product, she will be redirected to ninkik and gains access to the releases.

At the moment there is no Gumroad API available to automate this.