Sell Gumroad Memberships

If your customer purchases a Gumroad membership, the workflow is slightly different due to Gumroad limitations:

  • Gumroad generates a license key, which will be transferred to ninkik.
  • Your customer logs in into ninkik with his email address and the license key. The license key will be automatically sent to the customer by Gumroad.

Set up Membership products

  • Log in into Gumroad
  • Select your Gumroad product
  • Go to Settings and enable the Generate a unique license key per sale option. This ensures that each of your customers receives a valid license key and we can identify them.
  • Copy the Gumroad membership product link from your ninkik product. It looks like
  • In your description page in Gumroad or on one or all of your posts, paste the link in there. Your customers just have to enter their email address and the license key to access the files in ninkik.

Cancelling a Gumroad membership

Gumroad customers can cancel a subscription at any time. As soon as this happens, Gumroad sends a notification to ninkik. Depending on your product configuration, the customer loses either complete access to the software or only to newer versions. TODO LINK